'But it's raining outside!'

‘It’s too cold!’

‘I’m too tired!’

‘I’m too busy!’

‘I don’t have the right shoes!’

‘I’m not in a good mood!’

‘But… but… it’s raining outside!!’

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

Excuses to delay, diminish or even completely avoid physical activity are so commonplace that sometimes we don’t even recognise them for what they are… excuses.

Let’s look at one of the most common examples that gets thrown around - ‘I’m too busy!’

Being busy in the 21st century is basically a badge of honour. Just ask the person next to you how busy they are… if you dare.

People equate being busy to being productive. And being productive to being successful. And being successful is good, right?!

Work, family, friends, hobbies, chores. Life is just soooooo busy.

We understand and we completely agree. Life IS busy. But life is not so busy that you don’t have time to move!

Doing 30 minutes of exercise every single day of the week is only 2% of your entire week… 2%!! Are you trying to tell us that you spend 99 - 100% of your week completely and utterly busy with absolute necessities???

We call bullshit.

Presidents & Prime Ministers around the world still make time for physical activity. People who are in charge of running entire friggin’ countries still aren’t soooooo busy that they actually don’t have time to exercise.

So the next time you’re “too busy” to nourish and look after your body… think about what else you spend your time on each week.

How much time do you spend using Facebook? Snapchat? Reddit? Netflix?

What about watching sport? Gambling? Online Shopping? Eating out? Playing video games?

OK, we’ve made our point. You get it. You aren’t too busy. You DO have time to exercise. You just prioritise other things over looking after yourself physically.

And that, right there, is the crucial part. We all use excuses to try and cover up that, when it comes down to it, we simply don’t prioritise whatever it is we are trying to excuse our way out of enough to actually do it!!

And when it comes to exercise, excuses are aplenty, even though there are few things more important than looking after the one and only body you will ever get!!

‘It’s too cold’ - Wear a jumper!

‘I’m too tired! - Have a coffee! Or just try exercising frequently & consistently - it actually releases energy & improves sleep!

‘I don’t have the right shoes!’ - Exercise barefoot, it’s good for you! (just avoid high impact exercises)

‘I’m not in a good mood!’ - This one is honestly more of a reason than an excuse!! Have you ever been in a bad mood after a workout??? We didn’t think so. Exercise is one of the best long term mood stabilisers known to man!

‘But… but… it’s raining outside!!’ - Well then train inside! Or hell, train outside, and get wet, you’ll survive princess!!

So the next time you make an excuse for not exercising, just ask yourself… ‘Is this actually a legitimate reason preventing me from undertaking physical activity?’ (think - emergency situation, natural disaster, serious injury… and even some of them can be worked around!)

Because if it isn’t - then stop lying to yourself! You wouldn’t like someone else lying to you all the time, so don’t do it to yourself. Get out there and get it done. Exercise your willpower and your body. You will thank yourself afterwards.

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