TRYathlon training at Cam’s Cycle Coaching!

A group of our DadBods Members are gearing up to participate in their first every triathlon!!

On March 4th, our DadBods are heading to Raby Bay to participate in Round 7 of the QLD Tri-Series. As either individuals or team entries, these DadBods TRYathletes are tackling the swim, ride and run legs of either the Enticer, Super Sprint or Long distances offered at the event. They have been training like hell since the start of the year to get themselves into TRYathlon shape, using the DadBods Members Group and each other for support and encouragement.

Last Thursday a bunch of our DadBods TRYathletes took their bikes for an indoor spin session with the brilliant coaches at Cam’s Cycle Coaching in West End. And wow was it tough!!

There was sweat, there was laughing, there was more sweat, there was swearing, there was even more sweat, and there was even one DadBod riding a … girl’s bike? (he managed to break the axle of his own bike just that day, so he was on his daughter’s… talk about commitment!)

But in the end everyone put in a killer effort and finished a gruelling hour spin session, helped along of course by the motivational support from Coach MJ . Shout-out to DadBod Bretto who took out the gold medal on the night - riding the furthest during the session with an impressive combination of speed, power and endurance.

And despite everyone being absolutely buggered at the end of the session - they still managed to sing one of our DadBods team members Happy Birthday! (Hey Jules - a bunch of sweaty men singing you Happy Birthday - what more could you want??)

Until next time Cam’s Cycle Coaching - thanks for the “fun’ time!

If you would like to take part in the DadBods TRYathlon or come along to support, head over to the DadBods Members Group and join the DadBods TRYathlon event for full event details.

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