Welcome to 2018!

In the year of 2017, DadBods grew from a small initiative into a community that completed two 10-week lifestyle programs, hosting events with the likes of 97.3FM, 12 Round Fitness, Shannon Ponton, the Brisbane Broncos, F-45, OrangeTheory Fitness, Shri Yoga and Sage Fitness!

What started off with two mates and a fitness professional has turned into a community with members in every state, participating and engaging both online and in-person, supported by a number of dedicated partners that have welcomed the challenge of improving health for men living in Australia. Our diverse team encompasses fitness, nutrition, allied health, mental health, IT and social enthusiasts. We would like to take a moment to once again thank everyone who supported, participated and championed the movement that we all call DadBods!

Our goal for 2018 is simple. We want all of our members to be involved in the growth of our movement and the development of our services. In recent months our resources have been focused on how we can create better access to social, health and wellbeing services, while raising awareness around why this is so important. We want to send this important message to everyone:

The current reality is men in Australia are experiencing some of the highest rates of depression, anxiety, obesity, suicide and other chronic conditions. The challenges are real. Everyday men are faced with similar walls to climb... it's easy to say I can’t commit to that, I won't have time, I’m busy. But there are better options for people feeling this way.

We have listened to feedback and we have been working tirelessly to have a real crack at providing what is required by our members, and so many men across Australia! Here is what we have in store for 2018:

  • New & improved website with members account benefits
  • Health & fitness guides - Complete them anytime, anywhere!
  • Updated private facebook group - Members only   
  • DadBods merchandise - look like part of the crew!
  • New community events with our brilliant & supportive partners
  • Opportunities to work with DadBods to grow our movement
  • An open invitation to join a group of likeminded people, here for the same reason!

Over time you’ll come to learn that DadBods is not just about exercise, eating good food and recovery! We, here at DadBods, LOVE to drink beer, eat pizza and wings, and talk shit with friends. This is all part of the journey. We believe in promoting a balanced lifestyle and feel strongly about the importance of that balance in order to provide a sustainable, not short term, solution!

How to become a DadBod?

Jump on our website and create an account. You will receive email confirmation with access to our private facebook group, including access to member only discounts available on all products on our website.

We are bloody excited about the year to come and we hope we can help even more people in 2018 with support from all of you!

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