Young Henrys

Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers, hospitality veterans, distillers, musicians and artists, united for the love of good beer and fine gin. Although originally hailing from Sydney's über-trendy suburb of Surry Hills, the brewery currently calls Newtown home, and it's now difficult to imagine that Young Henrys could have ever existed anywhere else.

From the outside it could easily seem that Young Henrys isn't so much a brewery as some sort of never ending beer festival. Where most brewers work with others in the business when collaborating on a new product, Young Henrys tends to lean towards brewing with famous bands, magazines and radio stations; and this rock'n'roll vibe is reflected in their brewery, their beers and throughout their legendary team.

Young Henrys has supported DadBods at a number of events, and their delicious refreshments are always well received by DadBods & friends.

We look forward to further collaborating with Young Henrys in the future!




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