1. What is DadBods?

DadBods is a movement dedicated to helping men prioritise their physical, mental and social health.  Adult males experience some of the highest rates of depression, anxiety, obesity, suicide and other chronic conditions. As such, the DadBods movement was born out of necessity - it’s time to tackle men’s health head on!

At DadBods we practice and preach a holistic and inclusive approach to health, fitness and life! Looking after your health requires more than just focusing on your physical fitness - it also includes looking after your mental health, social well-being, and the quality of your relationships with those close to you. We are all about having fun, keeping it real and getting the most out of life.

  1. Who’s behind DadBods?

We are an experienced team of allied health, mental health and fitness professionals determined to make a difference. We are also just a group of everyday people, with everyday lives (and everyday problems!) who have bonded over the need for a realistic approach to men’s health. Together with the support of our expanding network of health and fitness businesses and professionals, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay not to be okay - but there is something you can do about it and we are here to help!

  1. Who can be a DadBod?

A DadBod is any male 18+ that could benefit from healthier lifestyle decisions, increased self-awareness and the support of a network of experienced professionals and other men dealing with the same issues! The DadBods movement is also inclusive of partners, children and other friends and family in support roles for our DadBods.

  1. Do I need to be a Dad to join the DadBods?

No - you don’t need to be a father to join the DadBods! We consider all adult males who could benefit from prioritising their mental, physical and social health as qualifying to join the DadBods movement!

  1. What do I gain by becoming a DadBods member?

As a DadBods member, you gain access to all the information and opportunities necessary to get fit, healthy, and make the most of your life. This includes our DadBods eBooks, fitness programs, meal plans, social events, online community and more! Our DadBods members also gain access to our dedicated support team and inclusive network of like-minded individuals and professionals, who are here to help you every step of the way.

  1. What am I committing to by becoming a member of DadBods?

You are committing to taking positive steps forward to improve your mental, physical and social well-being.  This is such a powerful step forward for you - the DadBods attitude and commitment will help you face life events front on whilst inspiring other Dadbods to do the same!

There is no commitment to attend events - although we hope you do!

  1. Am I going to be spammed?

Not at all! We will only ever send you valuable content relative to the challenges you face as a father, partner, employee/employer, and human being. You can unsubscribe to our membership at any time which will stop all communication.  

  1. What are my details used for/who has access to them?

We take security very seriously! Your details are protected by our Privacy Policy, which you can read here