Our Team

Our Team consists of each & every single one of our DadBods Members! We encourage all of our DadBods to contribute to the genesis and ongoing evolution of the DadBods movement!

Without our Members, DadBods wouldn't be the nationwide mens health movement that we are today - so we love our Members & our Members love us!

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Our DadBods team is also made up of collection of passionate, driven professionals from a variety of different fields & bacgrounds. Together, they work diligently with our network of DadBods supporters & partners to deliver real outcomes for mens health across Australia.

Toby Vann (Managing Director, Recovering Adrenaline Junkie)

Toby is a passionate advocate for a holistic, realistic and sustainable approach to wellness. He began his post-graduate career encountering the cause and effects relationships of mental, physical and social health issues in his role as an urban planner. He has since tackled these issues on the front line during his many years as a Personal Trainer. He is a long term believer of healthy body, healthy mind, and loves to combine physical activity with living life on the edge. He combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience to help drive the DadBods team towards delivering real opportunities and outcomes for the men & families of Australia.


Mark Davidson (Director of Training & Development, Really busy Dad)

Mark has spent the last two decades years at the forefront of the Fitness Industry - witnessing and rising above the training fads that plague the masses. He has spent most of his time working on injury prevention, functional movement, structural integration & exercise to improve quality of life. Mark is also a father of three and faces the same struggle as most DadBods out there trying to juggle work, life and fatherhood - let alone trying to find time to look after himself. He joined the DadBods movement to make a real change to the way we as a community approach & prioritise men’s health.


Julian Campbell (Director of Systems & Sales, The Young Gun)

Julian is passionate about health, travel, technology and education. Throughout his successful career as a Sales Consultant, Julian has been in charge of developing strategies for data management, product adoption and customer retention. Julian's entrepreneurial spirit has seen him involved in several start-up companies in the technology, health & fitness industries. Over his years, Julian has become a strong advocate for self-education, and is passionate about the impact technology can have on communities and businesses. It is this experience and skillset that he brings to the DadBods team.


Lawrie Jeavons (Business Development Manager, Resident Outdoor Enthusiast)

Lawrie is about an as active a person as you can find, with passions ranging from mountain biking to paragliding to snowboarding to Yoga, and everything in between. He is a firm believer in jam-packing life full of your interests, whether they revolve around work, family or hobbies - 'You cannot be at your best without taking care of yourself'. Lawrie is driven in his role at DadBods by the desire to help men share his passion for life and everything it has to offer!


Dr. Alix Vann (Mental Health Professional, New Mother)

Dr Alix Vann is a Clinical Psychologist with experience working in clinical, school and private practice settings. Alix is passionate about finding proactive approaches to helping individuals develop their capacity for self-care and self-compassion, which drew her to being involved with DadBods. As an avid cyclist, Alix strongly believes in both the mind and body benefits of undertaking physical activities that include a social element.


Andrew Davidson (Allied Health Professional, Part-time Superhero)

Andrew's passion for improving men's health drove him to becomea member of the DadBods Team. As a husband and father of two he understand the restrictions of being time-poor - and knows how easy it is to put everything else in front of yourself, especially when it come to health and wellness. Andrew is a successful Physiotherapist who sees daily the battles men face to try and stay on top of their health and fitness while juggling everything else in life. He believes the holistic approach to health and fitness and the support of the DadBods community is the perfect mix for families and workplaces to benefit from healthy, happy men!


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