Our Services

We offer a wide range of services designed to help families, workplaces and communities benefit from healthy, happy men.

Our tried and tested methods ensure we provide the best possible education and training for people to understand the importance of men's health in our society. We prioritise physical fitness, mental health, emotional intelligence, and social wellbeing in our services; empowering people and organisations around Australia to advocate, facilitate and benefit from men's health.

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Programs for the Workplace

We custom build programs for workplaces to facilitate the health and happiness of their staff; focussing on education, training & development in the mens health space.

Ranging from 2-hour 'ToolBox Talks' for construction-based companies through to ongoing weekly engagements in the corporate space, DadBods is proud to offer a range of tailored services to drive tangible benefits and real outcomes for workplaces.

Please contact us to see how your workplace can benefit from a custom designed DadBods program; empowering your staff to incorporate mens health into their work & home lives.


Group Fitness Sessions

Our experienced DadBods Trainers run safe, fun, challenging group workouts for men of all ages.

We prioritise movement education, injury prevention and functional strength & fitness throughout our sessions.

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We love working with businesses, charities & organisations that share our passion for life.

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